24 Jun

Coupons Indiens (2008)

Ref. 002430, Colorway 4

Designer: Aline Honoré

Year: Fall 2008
Also available in 45cm Gavroche and 140cm Cash/Silk Shawl

From hermes.com
The scarf Coupons Indiens zooms in on a fabric strand at an Indian market place. The large-scale image lends the fabrics a tactile feel suggesting fluidity and suppleness. With so many designs and colors, it’s difficult to choose!

Fabrics are one of the many riches of India. Made of cotton or silk, they come in a variety of styles including simple, ornate, printed, woven, embroidered, sequined…

Coupons Indiens pays tribute to both creativity in textiles and infinitely imaginative patterns: floral, abstract, geometric and folk. It is also a hymn to color with its numerous tints, produced using natural pigments. Color is everywhere in India, vibrating with strength, brightness and a rich palette. It illuminates women’s diaphanous, elegantly draped saris and crowns men with dazzling turbans, while its symbolism adds a certain rhythm to life: red for joy, yellow for its promise of happiness, the sheer serenity of pure white…


From Fall 2008 Bergdorf Goodman catalog (scan by thescarfologist):

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