14 Jul

Carre Kantha (2008)

Designer: ?

Year: Sp 2008

From hermes.com:

In Sanskrit, the word ‘Kantha’ means “cloth”, designating pieces of fabric hung in temples and on trees to symbolize prayers that protect the evil eye. For the people of Bengal, it means “quilted and embroidered fabric” and is a true art of recycling, as initially, kanthas were made out of old, second-hand material, including silk from saris. Instead of throwing out the worn material, the pieces were layered and joined together using oversewn seams and embroideries, with all kinds of stitching and motifs, from very simple to very elaborate. A true kantha is a unique work of art that tells a story, evoking the feelings and life of the artist. The designs frequently represent gods and goddesses; flowers; and floral, animal or geometric motifs. The scarf KANTHA, which reproduces one of these pieces, necessitated extraordinary engraving work to suggest fine quilting and embroidery work.

Editorial from April 2008 Travel+Leisure magazine:

Actress Ziyi Zhang wearing a Carre Kantha cashmere shawl from the Sp 2008 collection:

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