11 Jul

Feux du Ciel (2000)

Translated: “Heavenly Fires”

Artist: Kwumi Sefedin

Year: Fall 2000, 2001 (as Cash GM)

Literature: 2000 scarfbook

“Once, there were two gods watching over us. The first – the god of Lehreh – inhabited the skies of western Sudan, from where he sent down in timely fashion those life-giving rainstorms which gain such respect. The second, called Bail, in the same part of the heavens, scattered gold with both hands to sow the thick velvet of the night with stars. Each strove against each, for the happiness of all. It happened long ago, far back in the lands, where our races began; we return there in our dreams incessantly, towed by the stars.


2000 Ad with Nina Heimlich. Click thumbnails.


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  1. kwumi sfedin Says:

    i always enjoy reading the stories wrutten by the hermes family. and i also enjoy the good scarves drawn by differnt hermes artist all over the world. long live hermes family and their hopefull dreams and aspirations for higher endevours.
    bonjour to all hermes family.
    kwumi sfedin.

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