02 Jan

Provence/Provincia (1956)



Artist: Hugo Grygkar

Year: 1956, 1991

Subject: the French province of Provence/Provincia

Literature: 1991 scarfbook (not shown)

From 1957 Hermes catalogue:


Note: Chaine D’Ancre border

Below: Provincia version. As you can see, the design is the same. Only the title is different.

Photos: eBay

2 Responses to “Provence/Provincia (1956)”

  1. Diana Basso Says:

    I purchased the Hermes scarf PROVENCE in the early 90′s
    at the Hermes store on 57th St. in New York City.
    The color palatte of my scarf includes a cranberry
    red border with mosaic tile work of the design in olive, teal, grey,
    gold, camel ivory, black and rust red shades.
    Do you know what other color palettes this scarf
    was printed in (the 90′s version)?
    Thank you,

  2. Diana Basso Says:

    I own the Grygkar designed
    PROVENCE in a different color palette
    than shown here:
    cranberry red border with mosaic work in
    olive, teal, gray, ivory, camel, and rust reds.
    Would you like me to email you some photos?

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