21 Aug

Paris Modistel (Untitled)

Designer: Hugo Grygkar

Year: 1950s

See Paris Modistel /Paris Modiste (1956) for contrast and reference.

Like most H carres of the 1950s, this has a white contrasting roule.

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  1. ii8mui Says:

    Hi, I was wondering why sometimes this scarf is called Modiste, and other times it is called Modistel. Is it true the name changed when it was re-issued in 2006/2007? If so, do you know if it was changed from Modiste to Modistel, or the other way around? Also, I tried to click on the link you provided above for more information on this scarf, but I wasn’t able to access the page. Thanks in advance.

    I believe that it was changed from Modistel to Modiste but not specifically for the 2006 issue. You can find very old versions spelled BOTH ways.

    Which link?

    - seton

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