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03 Sep

Hommage au Carré (2008)

Colorway: “Silver Dawn” Related posts: Carre en Carres (2008) Carre Kantha (2008) A Cheval sur mon Carre (2006) Coupons Indiens (2008) Beloved India (2008)

26 Aug

Carnets de Bal (2007)

Ref. 002381, Colorway 3 Related posts: Carre Kantha (2008) India (1986) French Elle article (2007) Albums de Colportage (2007) Les Cles (1965)

27 Jul

Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanches: 1937-2007

Adapted by Cyrille Diatkine upon Hugo Grygkar’s design for the 70th anniversary of the first Hermes carre. Only available in the 70cm “vintage silk”. 70cm for 70 years, get it? Related posts: Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanches (1937) Carnets de Bal (2007) Perspective (1951) Au Coeur de la Vie (2007) Belles du Mexique (2007)

24 Jul

Beloved India (2008)

Designer: Philippe Dumas Year: Fall 2008 From various Hermes literature: From Like an enormous illustration, the scarf BELOVED INDIA pays tribute to the artisans who paint the earthen walls of Indian homes. Giant cartoons, picture-book illustrations and childlike frescoes… This figurative, ornamental and very expressive painting style is characteristic of Indian folk art. Still […]

15 Jul

Tohu-Bohu (2004)

Translated: “Hurly-Burly” Designer: Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr Related posts: Carre Kantha (2008) Les Zebres II (2004) Cheval Surprise (2004) Patchwork (2004) L’Art Indien des plaines (2004)

14 Jul

Les Zebres II (2004)

Designer: Robert Dallet Year: Sp 2004 From the 2004 scarfbook: Related posts: Tohu-Bohu (2004) Cheval Surprise (2004) Patchwork (2004) L’Art Indien des plaines (2004) A Cheval sur mon Carre (2006)