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Chasse en Inde (1986)

Translated: “Hunting in India”

Artist: Michel Duchene

Year: Spring 1986, 1990, 1999, Fall 2008, Fall 2013

Ref no: 1747

Literature: from 1986 scarfbook


From 1986 “How to Wear your Hermes Scarf”. Click thumbnail.


Also seen in 1998 “Having Fun with your Hermes Carre” (not shown)

From hermes.com:
Designed in 1985 for the Year of India, Chasse en Inde is inspired by a silk bed throw embroidered with gold thread from Benares. It was displayed in the dining room of the Indian Ambassador to France as a decorative wall hanging. The refined, luxuriant design is reminiscent of an illumination. Hunting scenes are repeated to infinity on a series of bands, calling to mind block-print Indian textiles.

The central square depicts a glade, bathed in light and teeming with different kinds of animals – birds, tigers, foxes, gazelles – pursued by hunters on horseback, elephant and on foot. The darker square brims with lush vegetation, a dense jungle where camouflaged animals melt into the background, becoming one with the flora. These central squares are surrounded by more squares, decorative borders of varying widths, where characters and animals are repeated to infinity, becoming almost abstract.

Note: Original 1986 issue has an ombre border, the copyright after HERMES-PARIS and often a contrasting roule.

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2013 Colorways:

33 Jaune/caban/Blanc
35 vert/BleuJean/Gris Perle
36 Bouton d’or/Turquoise/Fuchsia
37 Blanc/Rose Pale/Noir
38 Capucine/Bois de Rose/Orange
39 Orange/Blanc/RougeH
41 Indigo/Creme/Noir
44 Gris Bleute/Vert de Gris/Bleu jean
45 Fuchsia/Violet/Canard
46 Canard/Vert /Turquoise

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