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Zodiaque (1938)

Designer: Hugo Grygkar, later adapted by Loic Dubigeon

Year: 1938, 1998, Spring 2009

Note: official title is not found anywhere on the carre and often referred to as “Hemisphaerium Coeli Boreale” which are the words on the carre.

From Carres Stories: ” Facing the sky and it’s thousands of ever changing stars, man invented constellations to guide him, the universal reference points of today. Strange animals and mythological characters thus integrated the celestial vault, influencing the destiny and intentions of man. The carre ZODIAQUE represents the skies. such as imagined during the Renaissance period and the Neo-Classical Age. These celestial Atlases having inspired our design, one of the first by Hermes, are safely kept in the French National library. After its creation in 1938, the design was used to adorn ladies’ swimwear.”

From eBay. Original 1938 issue? Note the very old tag. Click on thumbnail.


Reference: seen in 1998 “Having Fun with your Hermes Carre” (not shown)

Ad from 1937:


Ref. xx1004S Colorways:

  • Medium Blue (1998)
  • Rust/Tan Beige (shown above)
  • White/Bleu Ciel (1998)
  • Chino/Beige/Bleu Ciel (1998)
  • Chartruese
  • Rose/Salmon/Lavender
  • White/Grey (1998)
  • 23 Jaune/Soleil/Craie (2009)
  • 24 Rouge/ultra vilet/Jaune (2009)
  • 25 Absinthe/Bois de rose (2009)
  • 26 Vieux rouge/Saumon/Bleu Lavande
  • 27 Turquoise/violine/Marron glace (2009)
  • 28 Kaki/Soufre/Bleu lavande
  • 29 Clementine/Soleil/Argent
  • 30 bleu nuit/mauve/blanc (2009)
  • 31 blanc/vert vif/sable
  • 32 blanc/gris fer/gris argent (2009)

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