16 Nov

Promenade Au Pays de Cezanne (2006)

Artist: Laurence Bourthoumieux (signed as “Toutsy”)

Year: 2006 (Special Edition), Spring 2009

Originally commissioned for friends of the Paul Cezanne Society upon the centenary of Paul Cezanne’s death in the orange (apricot) colorway only.


Ref. xx2334S Colorways:

    1. Orange/Rouille/Soleil
    2. Bleu Dur/Framboise/Prairie
    3. Vert Beige/Marron Glace
    4. Rouge Vif/Apricot/Beige
    5. Bleu/Jaune Paille/Kaki
    6. Rose Dragee/Violine/Saumon
    7. Blue Ciel/Ocre/Bleu Gris
    8. Sable Rose/Niel/Violine
    9. Craie/Tilleul/Terracotta

Picture credits: Paul Cezanne Society, TPF

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