23 Jul

The Evolution of Care Tags

(This is a work in progress that I will be updating periodically. I do have some tags from the 1950s. I just have to find them.
I also see that in transferring data from my former site, some pics now appears as links instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.)





Harnais de Ceremonie
This tiny tag that says “MADE IN FRANCE” in red also appears through most of the 1960s.


Selles a Housse

Figures d’Equitation
(transition to “100% SILK” tagging which can be seen in some form for the next decade)



Selles a Housse (compare to earlier Selles also with Bonwit tag)

” 100% SILK” is now in BLACK LETTERING






Cheval Turc
(The two tags can be in the same corner or opposite corners. They will appear throughout the 1970s unless the carre has a specific department store tag.)


Armes de Chasse (missing the smaller tag that says “100% soie”)



Parc Royal





Washington’s Carriage

(reverse side of the “100% SOIE” tag)


This caretag appears from 1979/1980 to 1986/1987.

Grand Largue







Trois Mousquetaires



Comtesse de Segur


This foldover long double caretag only appeared for a short time in the mid-1980s.


Kimonos et Inros
























- Hermes celebrates its 150th anniversary and the caretag is no longer folded over for the first time. This caretag will be used from 1987-1997.

Feux d’Artifice




Cadre Noir


1998 - first year with the shorter, current caretag (1998-Present)

Au Couer des Bois



Spring 2000 – Hermes removes sizing from their scarves for several seasons.

Photos: eBay, TPF

6 Responses to “The Evolution of Care Tags”

  1. Anny Carvalho Says:

    Thank you for a very useful and interesting guide. It’s great to find people sharing interest in such beautiful things! Regards.

  2. Valeri Says:

    Good morning
    Your information are great and interesting, do you have information about all talkings about C HERMES like you did for the care tag

    Thank you very much
    Best regards


    Yes, I am working on an article on the copyright symbol. When I have accumulated enough pictures for illustration, it shall be published.

    - seton

  3. Lynn Daniels Says:

    Thank you for your wonderful guide, and other information. The article here helped me buy an authentic original issue 60s scarf with confidence – I had passed up a 70s issue Napolean’s Carriage because I didn’t have any knowlege of pre 1980s before I saw your guide


    You’re welcome. Congratulations on your purchase.

    - seton

  4. Geoff Clarke Says:

    Thanks for the good work here. One question regarding the red “Made in France” labels. Do you have any evidence that they were actually put on by Hermes in France? My belief was that they were added after export, with the US store labels when a country of origin label was required there?? G.

  5. Jana Brenning Says:

    Thanks for putting this together. Great resource!

    Thank you for your support.


  6. Janine Borofka Says:

    Here is an unusual label. I am assuming it was a corporate gift, as Acier Usinor Sacilor is a French steel company. Sadly I lost this bid.


    Also, do you know the meaning of the letters on the sides? The photo you show above has A on each end. I have seen other letters up to D and sometimes the letters show, other times the label is folded over farther. Could it have to do with reissues?

    Thanks, this is fun research, something like bird watching!


    Sorry that you didnt win the auction. It went for a good price and I certainly paid more for my black Cadre Noir.

    The letters on the side do not have any real significance. Basically, they are batch indicators.

    - seton

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