24 Sep

Perspective (1951)

Artist: A.M. Cassandre

Year: 1951, 1968?, 1975, Fall 1991
Also avail. in 45cm Gavroche (various years) and 70cm Vintage (Fall 2008)

Screens: 15

Literature: Autumn 1991 scarfbook (not shown)

Special editions: 1976 – ALLIANCE BETWEEN USA AND FRANCE (not shown)

1995 Luxembourg


Ad Campaign from Fall 2008:

From Fall 2008 Knotting Cards:

Ref no: 1154

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  1. Donna Says:

    I love this scarf and my store has searched everywhere for it.
    The only colourway they could find was in purple and that is not a colour that works for me.

    I love your blog Seton!


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