15 Sep

Astrologie (1963)


Artist: Francoise Faconnet

Year: 1963, 1970s, 1980, 1988, 1999, 2003, 2008, 2010 (as Dip Dye 90cm)

From 1985 “How to Tie” (link deleted)

From 1988 “How to Wear”

“. . . is a fascinating interpretation of a 400-year-old celestial charting tool used by ancient astrologers to determine the relative positions of the sun and moon. Modern-day zodiac signs were added by Hermes artists.”


Also in 1998 “Having Fun with your Hermes Scarf” (not shown)

From Knotting Cards Vol 3:



Reference: Jackie O. wearing her Astrologie scarf . Credit to HermesGroupie.


Oprah wearing the classic black/white/gold colorway on the cover of O Magazine


Christine Lagarde wearing two different colorways


Note: The official name — Astrologie — is not on the scarf. It does bear the words “Dies et Hore” (days and hours) which many incorrectly assume is the title.

One of the company’s Ten Best Selling Scarves of all time (Vanity Fair, September 2007).

Original 1963 issue will have no copyright.

Ad Campaign from 1980: (link deleted)

Vogue Nippon, Dec 2010 astrologie-vogue-nippon-dec2010


Colors: Ref No 1387

  • 03 & 51 Black/white/gold (original CW that has been reissued every single time)
  • Purple/Chartruese (1963) see top pic
  • 08 Cobalt/white/gold
  • Beige astrologie-beige
  • 16 Wine/white/gold
  • 25 Ivory/orange/ivory
  • Soft black (1988) astrologie88
  • Rouge astrologie-red
  • White (1999) astrologie-white1999
  • Light Blue (1999) astrologie-silverblue-1999
  • 37 Orange & blue (2003)
  • 38 Turquoise & gold
  • 43 Ice blue
  • 45 (Sp 2008)
  • 47 Green/white (Sp 2008)
  • 48 Etoupe/orange (2008)
  • 49 image deleted
  • 52 Ivory/gold (often reissued CW)

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    beautiiful blog merciiiiii

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    Hi, cool post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for writing.

  4. Jay Ellis Says:

    Well done. Font of information. Query: does the ribbon running from the sun to edge of scarf always have a shadow? Thanks.

  5. Dan Beren Says:

    I bought the Fuchsia/Gold one (Spring 2008) #45 listed above for my wife. It’s STUNNING. It’s my favorite issue of Astrologie, along with classic Black/Gold and the Ivory/Gold.

    The Green/White (also Spring 2008) #47 is nice, but I feel it loses some ‘pop’ when tied. It’s nice to have the gold in the corners to really give another dimension to it. That being said, the Green is a beautiful color.

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    [...] photographed: Jackie O wearing the Hermes Astologie Scarf, source: hermes.digitalurbana [...]

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