02 Feb

Soiree de Gala (1950)


Designer: Jean-Louis Clerc

Year: 1950, 1980, 1990, 2006, Fall 2010

From Fall 2010 Carre Stories:





Ref: 001325S, 27 colorways

Special Editions: 50th anniversary of the Dallas Opera in 3 colorways (orange, pink, mint green) in 2007






Note: originally referred to as “Soiree a l’Opera”. Became Soiree de Gala with the 2006 reissue. 2006 reissue has a clearly delineated border; 2010 reissue does NOT.

Actress Eva La Rue wearing Soiree as a top:






1950s colorway:









For sale: I will be posting some Soirees in the next month on the Sale Page.

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