03 Feb

La Femme aux Semelles de Vent (2009)

Artist: Aline Honore

Year: Fall 2009
Also issued as Cash/silk 140cm in Fall 2009.

From Carre Stories booklet:
The carre borrows its title from the ephitet “The man with wind for his soles” that Verlaine has used of his friend, the travel poet Rimbaud. It pays homage to Alexandra David-Neel (1868-1969), the explorer, versed in knowledge, who studies oriental philosophies and covered thousands of kilometers crossing Central Asia and the Far East. Like the rugs and clothing of these regions, the carre is bordered with fur bands, here printed on the silk, and embroidered braids, mixing ethnic, geometric or floral patterns, interspersed with pieces of gold-work, charms, and earrings of silver, coral and turquoise.

Ref: xx2496Sxx

Shown: Colorway 01 (002496S01)

CS GM colorways:

01 fuchia/jade/sepia
02 brun fonce/jade/jaune d’or
03 potiron/acajou/absinthe
04 noir/or/turquoise
05 noisette/absinthe/sepia
06 rouge/gris/vert
07 vieux rose/sepia/vert
08 naturel/glacier/bois de rose

Pic credit: Hermes.com

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