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Trois Mousquetaires (1980)


Artist: Philippe LeDoux & Vladimir Rybaltchenko

Year: 1980

This carré was issued in 1980 at the request of the House of Sempe (an Armagnac distillery) to create a special carré closely identified with Gers and Armagnac (southwest France).

The story of the Three Musketeers is associated with the south of France because d’Artagnan was a Gascon – considered to be a hick from the southern provinces.

The artist’s nephew, Vladimir Rybaltchenko, completed the design as envisaged by LeDoux. To achieve this remarkable result on silk required no less than thirty consecutive color printing operations, a record almost unique.

H issued this design in two color ways. One is wine-brown red and another is dark blue (1981).

Reference: blue colorway seen in June 1991 L’Eventail France No. 37

Note: This is one of three carres started by LeDoux and finished by Rybal. The others are Les Amazones and Marine a Rames (1978 )

LeDoux also illustrated a three volume set of Trois Mousquetaires by Alexandre Dumas in 1948.


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    [...] LEDOUX, Illustrator Toward the end of his life, LeDoux worked on the Trois Mousquetaires carre for Hermes. Thirty years earlier, he illustrated Alexandre Dumas’s classic tale in a [...]

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